Wednesday, 15 January 2014

So today hasn't been a good day for my son!
He fell over and landed face first on a closed door!

 Had an appointment with the skin clinic (for which we had to wait over an hour and in a GP waiting room full of germs as they seemingly share this... Eeeew!) re: his terrible (possible) eczema, then had to go to hospital for blood tests and they couldn't find his veins. Oh good. He inherited that from me. As well as my curls.
Think most other things he seems to have inherited from his daddy.
In the end after several attempts in each arm whilst I held a screaming baby, she got a ought blood to send off for allergy testing!
Hope we get some answers! 
I am coughing and sniffly - which means I can't sniff out his daily poops! Oops.
Till next time...

from a happier boy and me xxx

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