Thursday, 18 September 2014

Moo Goo Skincare - first impressions

The wonderful Linda at Moo Goo UK sent me a beautifully packaged box of some skincare samples to try (on my 22 month old son), Jack's eczema. The box itself was so cute, and the packaging was very nicely done. There were several samples to try, and I tried the 'Irritable Skin Balm' straight away on Jack's poorly dribble-marked chin. 
It also came with a cute bath toy cow, which Jack instantly loved saying "moo cow, mummy!" and then proceeding to chew on it (teething at the moment!)
As it only arrived today this is a short post, as haven't managed to see the effects yet, but so far it's fab, I love the smoothness and the smell (not too strong) and Jack hasn't complained - which, with his eczema, is a good thing!!
We used the 'Milk Wash' in the bath tonight (we use no other bath products, except Weleda baby shampoo which is lush!) and Jack played with the cow in the bath. He didn't even want any of his other (many) bath toys tonight. 
We washed his hair, did his teeth and then washed his little face with the Moo Goo face wash. Again, no complaints! After his bath I applied the 'Soothing MSM Cream' to his body and popped on his PJs, ready for bed. He is now sound asleep (fingers crossed!) and a happy boy. He happily told Daddy when he got home that he had a bath with a cow!

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  1. made a YouTube video this morning about his cow ;)